What the bank or salesman probably did not tell you when you signed up

The rate your are quoted is just the beginning of what you are charged. There are literally hundreds of add-on fees that go to multi-levels of sales people and depend on the credit-worthiness of the card-holder and businesses of your type.

The fees you are charged may also be higher than they should be if your business is classified as more likely to attract customers who default, resulting in chargebacks.

The solution

Incom Direct is a national broker and specialized provider of credit card transaction and related services for merchants and other businesses. Incom Direct has instituted a fully transparent, flat-fee-above-actual-costs pricing program for credit card transactions.

"I have known Janet for many years. She stands out in my mind as a person of integrity and honesty.

I would not hesitate to recommend her or her company." 

- Tommy Lasorda,
- Former Manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers and Major League Baseball's 'Emissary'
80% of businesses and groups that accept credit cards pay too much in processing fees.
Were you told your rate was 1.50% or 0.95%? Then why are you charged 3.75%
to over 5.00%?
They didn't tell you about the add-on fees? When we quote a fee, that's what you pay - no add-on fees
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You don't pay just the basic rate. Did you know that there are over 300 possible add-on fees?

Credit card transaction costs are one of the top variable costs for many businesses and it is not uncommon for many merchants to pay up to five percent of the sales price on transactions. There are more than 300 non-negotiable different rates on Visa and MasterCard credit card transactions, depending on factors such as the dollar value, frequency of the transaction, whether the purchase is made online, in person, or over the phone, and the credit worthiness of the buyer. In addition, merchants pay interchange fees - the cost of moving funds from the bank of the cardholder to the merchant.

“The flat-fee-above-costs is the most cost effective and transparent credit card pricing solution to merchants and all businesses which accept payment by credit cards,” said Janet Sanders, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Incom Direct. “Rate-based, or more accurately, rate mark-up pricing leads to far higher and often quite surprising costs for many businesses, as merchants face both surcharges and rounding-up costs,” said Ms. Sanders.

“Our business has been built on the simple practice and principle of always finding the best solutions for our customers. We believe that in the current marketplace there will be a very strong demand for flat-fee-above-actual-cost pricing, which will provide important cost savings and predictability to businesses.

"Indeed, credit card fees can be one of the top three to four expenses at many businesses and can impede a company’s cash flow, including its ability to meet payroll,” said Ms. Sanders.

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