Affinity cards are just the beginning.

An affinity credit card program allows an organization to offer its members and supporters—those who have an "affinity" for that organization—a credit card branded with the organization's logo and imagery.

An affinity credit card program may pay the brand-owning organization a bonus for each new account generated, plus a percentage of every transaction charged to the card. In some cases the brand-owning organization will form a revenue-and-profit sharing joint venture on a 50/50 basis. The venture is funded by the interchange income from the card scheme such as MasterCard or Visa, fees, charges and credit lent to cardholders.

Affinity credit cards are offered by many retailers, shopping centers, airlines, universities, alumni associations, sports teams, professional associations and others, and increasingly by small and mid-sized nonprofits and membership-based groups that rely on these programs for incremental revenue.


"They took us from #92 to #5 in a little under three months. Now that's what I call performance!"

-J Lee, Reardon and Co.

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Basic Plan, plus training setup and deployment, quarterly checkup.

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Plus Plan, plus trans-site review, mentoring, monthly checkup.

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Affinity cards, done right, are still an effective way to build customer loyalty.
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Incom Direct specializes in providing associations of all types and sizes with preferred pricing and customized service.

One of Incom's primary association relationships is with the innovative Rainbow Rewards program, which is an association of hundreds of different merchants who participate in a common rebate and charitable rewards program. You can learn more about Rainbow Rewards by visiting its website at Zoola Rewards.

Incom also is proud to count the national Big & Tall Association as a client. Incom was able to obtain special pricing for this association because of its collective buying power (which Incom combined with the buying power of its other Merchant clients to obtain exceptionally special pricing). Other clients include Black Jack Pizza Association of the Rockies, Blue Sky Motorcycles, and Texaco X-press Lube Association.

There are significant advantages to having a single source, preferred Merchant Services advocate for an association:

- Association members receive preferred pricing designed specifically for the unique needs of the association.
- Association members receive dedicated service and support staff.

- Association members have access to customized online reporting accessible only to association members.
- Association members can, if they wish, contribute to the Association itself by participating.

- Association members can participate in a Gift & Loyalty card program custom-tailored for the Association.

Give us a call to discuss the particular needs of your Association - Incom will design a program that gives Association Members a competitive edge in the marketplace!